Delaware Writer’s Latest Book Reaches Bestseller Status Hours After Much-Anticipated February 2023 Release

Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia’s “The Power of Your Identity” Creating A Massive National Buzz

MAGNOLIA, Delaware — During an exclusive interview with nationally-acclaimed Making Headline News, Magnolia, Delaware-based author Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia assessed the fervent buzz surrounding THE POWER OF YOUR IDENTITY: A Cultural Landscape for Children, her highly-anticipated book that has emerged as an Amazon bestseller.

Powered by Joan T Randall Enterprise LLC — which published Dr. Gwanmesia’s book — THE POWER OF YOUR IDENTITY: A Cultural Landscape for Children is a must-read for parents and educators guiding our children as they deal with the crisis of identity in culturally diverse environments, as mentioned in a detailed synopsis of this author’s book at

“Dr. Eunice B. Gwanmesia offers comprehensive yet practical insight on the social issues of cultural identity, equity, inclusion, advocacy, and belonging,” said an Amazon spokesperson for Dr. Gwanmesia’s newest book. “Inclusiveness matters to our children and Dr. Gwanmesia’s friendly style of writing will help you gain a better understanding of why inclusiveness matters for our children. This book will positively reinforce acceptance of cultural differences, and methods for using your own individual background as a tool for relating to others.”

Interestingly enough, Dr. Gwanmesia’s The Power of Your Identity provides a structure to begin meaningful conversations about race, power, culture, and bias which will help create equitable educational opportunities for students.

As this well-respected DE&I Strategist, educator, speaker, and healthcare professional explained, her idea of composing her latest written work comes amid an in-depth conversation with her children.

“The years from 2019 to 2022 were undoubtedly the toughest I have ever faced,” Dr. Gwanmesia, who has authored and co-authored other books, explained. “To make matters worse, I lost my father in January 2021, which was a profound loss for me. However, during this difficult time, I was reminded of my roots and the importance of my cultural identity. I turned to God for guidance and was led to believe that the key to fostering a world where people can embrace each other despite their differences is to start these conversations at home, around the kitchen table. By raising confident, self-assured children, we can create a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and accepted.”

Even before her latest book reached bestseller status, Dr. Gwanmesia had become the beneficiary of a rash of favorable feedback.

“I have received outstanding feedback globally,” Dr. Gwanmesia said. “Everyone is super excited and enthused about this. It is my hope that this book will create forums for continued conversations.

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