The Power of Your Identity

The Power of Your Identity


Our children's social development is being impacted by their exposure to the complex, and often negative global views on cultural identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Power of Your Identity: A Cultural Landscape for Children is a must-read for parents and educators guiding our children as they deal with the crisis of identity in culturally diverse environments. Dr. Eunice B. Gwanmesia offers comprehensive yet practical insight on the social issues of cultural identity, equity, inclusion, advocacy, and belonging. Inclusiveness matters to our children and Dr. Gwanmesia's friendly style of writing will help you gain a better understanding of why inclusiveness matters for our children. This book will positively reinforce acceptance of cultural differences, and methods for using your own individual background as a tool for relating to others.

The Power of Your Identity provides a structure to begin meaningful conversations about race, power, culture, and bias which will help create equitable educational opportunities for students. This guide advises parents and educators on various techniques to combat the societal challenges their children face, while simultaneously reinforcing their self-esteem and sense of self-worth as they acknowledge and embrace the power of their identity.

As an immigrant, mother, caregiver, and educator who left the cornfields of Cameroon to pursue a higher education, the author has written in a style that is friendly and accessible to all. This is an excellent resource for immigrants and the communities receiving them. A traveling companion handbook for individuals becoming acclimated to new environments, this book is an important response to the toxicity that is becoming the hallmark of our modern social environment in the United States and other parts of the world.


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