Connie Ajah-Ayang

I was the lead of organizing the Bayhealth annual research conference presented by the nursing research council. We booked Dr Gwanmesia as our key note speaker and she delivered. She electrified and engaged the audience with her research on the cultural competence of Junior and Senior students in HBCU Colleges and offered several nuggets on diversity and inclusion. She showed not only a mastery of the subject matter of Diversity and Inclusion, she owned the room. We came out gaining more knowledge on caring for our patients from different backgrounds and culture as well as relating with each other as colleagues, with the understanding that, we may all come from various backgrounds and culture, however having diverse voices at the table of decision making will make working together better and our world a better place to live in. Thank you Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia for your passion in creating a better world through Diversity and Inclusion!

Bayhealth Medical Center

Pastor Josephine Gbassagee

We, at Pearls and Swine would like to extend to you, Dr. Eunice our sincerest gratitude. Your presentation was both, riveting and empowering.

Through your dynamic teaching we learned to drop our baggage, embrace our identities, and culture, and pursue our God-given dreams and visions.

With absolute confidence, we recommend Dr. Eunice as a voice that is helping shape lives and organizations for the better.


Pearls and Swine

Jemimah Chuks

Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is a phenomenal speaker. Sharing life’s principles through cultural identity. Inspire Success Network audience was impacted through her great teaching. At Soar conference (The gathering of Eagles)2019 We recommend her proffessional skills and knowledge. Thank you Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia for continually inspiring Success.

Inspire Success Network

Michelle Boulden Hammond

Eunice was one of the speakers for my 10th Annual Warm Your Heart: Warm Your Mind; and Warm Your Soul Retreat. Her phenomenal tenure eloquently captivated the attendees.She truly was an a amazing speaker that many of the attendees have requested her for next year.

IAM2Inspire TV

Kimberly Holmes

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Eunice’s 1st Annual Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference on September 7, 2019! I have known Eunice for many years as a fellow nurse and her passion for quality care is evident through her many works! Dr. Eunice can enlighten your workplace on various topics designed to raise awareness while doing so with warmth and humor.

Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti

Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is an unforgettable speaker and event facilitator. Her message on Diversity and Inclusion, and her 5 Principles of Success should be incorporated in every organization. I particularly recommend her curriculum for high schools and colleges, to ensure that these students are effectively groomed for future leadership positions, success and distinguished citizens of society.

I hired Dr. Gwanmesia as a speaker for WILDE’s “Take A Stand” workshop involving community leaders, legislators and citizens of the community where she spoke on the importance of making a positive change through acceptance of everyone’s origin and cultural believes. She also spoke on the Panel of “Memoirs of a Working Mother” book launch, where she shared her principles on work-life balance. I recently invited Dr. Gwanmesia back to co-host the “Women’s Wellness and Business Conference”, a platform for women to come together and gain tools and strategies needed to thrive physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. She kept the audience engaged, entertained and kept the momentum going throughout the 9-hour event.

I am not surprised that Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia remains a highly sought-after speaker. Her positive and energetic stance on stage is contagious. I recommend her curriculum for your organization’s growth and you will not regret inviting her to speak or facilitate your next event.

Women in Leadership Development & Empowerment, Inc

Thomas Grant

I have had the honor of interacting with Dr Eunice Gwanmesia on several occasions. I find her to be a passionate, eloquent, remarkable speaker with a clear knowledge of her platform on conversations about cultural awareness and diversity. I read her book entitle Cultural Awareness; and her message of Diversity and Inclusion with her strategy that can influence one’s journey to success. Her journey alone is empowering, so I believe her book and her 5P Principles should be incorporated in every organization especially in the climate we live in today. Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia has also demonstrated her Diversity and Inclusion Principles during cultural sensitivity training she provided to a group of healthcare professionals from Nemours Children’s Hospital and members of the Delaware Africa Caribbean Coalition (DACC) in preparation for a medical mission to country of The Gambia. Recently, on August 3, 2019 Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia served as the Mistress of Ceremony/facilitator at the very first Africa Caribbean Heritage Festival hosted in partnership by the Delaware Art Museum and the DACC. She was energetic, motivated the crowd and kept their attention for the full 8hours. This Festival was attended by Dignitaries from Delaware and different African and Caribbean countries. Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia also serve as the Chair of the Education and Culture Committee for DACC. Her attitude and stance on the issue of engaging and embracing others regardless of race and background is infectious. I will hire her as a speaker repeatedly.

Thomas Hne Grant Vice President DACC – Delaware Africa Caribbean Coalition ‘We Are Stronger and Better Together’ 302-290-5178

Vice President DACC – Delaware Africa Caribbean Coalition
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