Michelle Boulden Hammond
Michelle Boulden Hammond

Michelle Boulden Hammond is a 48 year old multitalented woman that handles her faith, marriage , business and professional relationships with the power of inspirations. A small town country girl from Talbot County, MD who has risen above life challenges from birth defect to low self esteem ,rejection and mental abuse..

She received her Masters of Arts in Human Services in Counseling from Liberty University and holds CLC Certificate from International Coaching Federation. Michelle with her charismatic personality has the power that gives individuals influence to move beyond their now. In her book called Seize the Moment A Moment To Inspire which was released October 2017 takes individuals on a 30 day affirmation and meditation journey that is life changing,

Michelle also is a member of the BSN Black Speakers Network and in this capacity she has hosted and traveled nationally and internationally for women empowerment conferences. In October 2018 she launched a group called TEAM M. A. B. B. ( Mind , Affirmations, Beauty & Boldness ). This group featured 4 amazing ladies along with Michelle from the arenas of fashion, beauty and mental wellness. TEAM MABB will be conducting tours this coming year. Michelle’s hosted Warm Your Heart, Warm Your Mind , Warm Your Soul which is a spiritual awakening women’s empowerment retreat for mind , body and soul will be celebrating its 10th year.
Testimonial “ My first time at #WHWMWS Michelle’s retreat … I discovered who I really Am… Her motivational talk session called My Life Evaluator was great.

In Facebook Live Social Media she has now opened her platform of IAM2Inspire TV which features weekly at 7pm Tuesdays weekly.

She has received various awards for her community service and humanitarian efforts. In 2016 she was the first African American female in Talbot County,MD to open wellness center. 2016 Dorothy Black Community Service Award through Talbot County NAACP Branch.


Personal Growth & Development

Life Skills

Holistic Health /Electromagnetic Therapy

Stress Management

Featured on

Ddtalks Radio Show WBGR NETWORK

Women of Distinction Magazine

Co- Author of The Face of Adversity


Website www.moment2inspire.com

Booking information or contact to have TEAM MABB featured in your city 410-253-6937 Email beinspired70@yahoo.com

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