Dr. Sobia Choudhri
Dr. Sobia Choudhri

I grew up in southern Delaware, and then attended University of Delaware where I earned my Bachelors degree in Medical Technology in 2000. I graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in 2008 and completed a dental residency program at Christiana Hospital in 2009. I currently practice general dentistry in Dover, where I live with my husband and three children.

I am passionate about helping others and doing community outreach. I partake in opportunities that allow me to provide dental care to those in underserved areas. I have worked with Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy. I have also spent time abroad in Haiti delivering urgently needed dental services. I have also traveled to Vietnam with Operation Smile rendering dental care to young children.

I currently work with various organizations and serve on their boards.

I am on the board of the Dover Interfaith Mission of Housing which is an interfaith community organization that provides homeless men with shelter, sustenance, and the resources they need to become independent and enhance the quality of their lives.

I also serve on the board of a Refugee Coalition based in Sussex County. The goal of the coalition is to help facilitate the transition of refugee families entering Delaware. We work to provide support to these families and help them with their individual needs.

I also currently serve as member of the Governor appointed group, the Delaware Commission for Women. We work together for planning and project development dealing with women’s issues in Delaware.

I have also been actively involved with the Islamic Society of Central Delaware as a teacher at the Sunday School program for 10 years and as a board member for 2 years. I work with middle school and high school youth and help to educate and provide them with an understanding of their faith that empowers and allows them to be more confident in practicing their faith. I am very committed to the idea that through education we can overcome barriers that create misunderstandings among people of different faiths and cultures.

I speak at various interfaith events and schools about Islam and what it means to be Muslim.

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