Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference
September 7th, 2019, Dover, Delaware
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference
September 7th, 2019, Dover, Delaware
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference
September 7th, 2019, Dover, Delaware
Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference
September 7th, 2019, Dover, Delaware

Dover Delaware

September 7th 2019

Several Speakers & Experts

Learn & Network

About The Conference

This Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference is designed to engage, empower and educate the audience on embracing cultural differences and treating one another with respect and dignity regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic background. At Eunity Solutions, we believe that our “cultural identity is a hidden treasure.” Embracing each other’s values and beliefs in our communities and the workplace provides strength. The theme for 2019 is Engage, Empower and Embrace Cultural differences. Our goal is to raise awareness of the value of collaborating with people of different cultures, races, genders, ethnicities, beliefs, experiences and ideas and also provide culturally appropriate tools and strategies to enable them understand how concepts such as religion, cultural awareness, culturally competent communication, unconscious bias, civility and workplace sensitivity can expand their capacity to succeed personally and professionally. We are delighted to host the 2019 conference at the beautiful Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover, Delaware.

The conference will bring together industry experts in the areas of:
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religion
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Law Enforcement and Legislation
  • Cultural Values
We are bringing together expects and leading thinkers and doers in diversity and inclusion to engage in conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion and help you stay abreast of current issues in this critical strategic opportunity.
What To Expect
According to 84% of human resource professionals, Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic opportunity rather than a problem to be solved. This event is for you if you want to:
  • Build a true and sustainable executive involvement and commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Incorporate recruitment strategies to increase and leverage diversity
  • Take a human-centric approach to diversity
Networking with Peers & Industry Experts. The speakers have been well curated to give you opportunities to connect with your peers and industry experts who can offer insight and fresh perspective around your current challenges
Empower and Embrace Others

By the end of this eight-hour day conference, you will develop an attitude of togetherness that value the uniqueness of each individual and embrace both human diversity and its commonalities. At Eunity Solutions, we subscribe to the broader definition for human differences, which is not just limited to race and gender, but also includes physical abilities, socio-economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, diversity of thought, and many more. You will be empowered to embrace others regardless of their racial, ethnic, or socio-economic background and live a harmonious life in your various communities.

What You’ll Learn
Gain new strategic insights as well as actionable ideas you can implement right away.
  • Build an organizational culture of acceptance and inclusiveness
  • Strategies to improve employee engagement
  • Counter unconscious bias
  • Culturally sensitive communication techniques
  • Diversity in religion: serving one God.
  • Effective strategies to increase recruitment and retention
The Venue
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, DE
The Host:
Eunice B. Gwanmesia, PhD, MSN, MSM(HCA), RN
DEIC Fact Sheet 2019
  • 99% of the participants said that the program was useful and very informative.
  • 97% of the participants said that they will engage members in their work places and communities more in conversations about diversity and inclusion issues.
  • 96% of all participants said that they would be returning next year.

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