Betty Duroseau
Betty Duroseau

Betty is the President and CEOof Duroseau Management Services, LLC.Her 15+ years of expertise
in project management with local and state governmental agencies helps her impact efficiencies in
public services, which in turn improves quality of life for Pennsylvania communities. She started out
as a research engineer at Drexel University Institute for Intelligent Infrastructure where she worked on
PennDOT research. Fifteen years ago, she launched her own consulting firm and came to the WBDC for
business development assistance. As a graduate of the FastTrac NewVenture program, Betty learned
the importance of staying relevant and being able to provide a service that solves a problem.
Betty’s consulting firm provides program management, business process re-engineering, enterprise
solution implementations, feasibility studies, and workforce development training services for local
and state government agencies. Over the years, DMS has worked on projects with clients ranging from
Homeland Security to the City of Philadelphia, the EPA,and the Department of Labor and Industries.

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